Khen Provido

Angel Care Team

Khen came aboard Angel care pet hospitals team mid 2017. Khen is best known for his courtesy ways and helpful nature. Khen is not only one of our vet assistants but he can be found helping in our customer service area as well. When it comes to patients you can always count on. Khen comforts all of our patients big and small from start to finish. Though Khen is new to the field, it does not stop him from sponging up all he can when it comes to veterinarian care. Khen is not only part of our team here but he also enjoys I.T. Work and has even worked with other fields such as multi media, where he get to worked with Craig Bartlett, the famous show creator of Hey Arnold and an upcoming kids show: “Ready Jet Go!”. Khen is a joy to work with and we are happy to call him part of the team!